Pacific Island International


Videography, Drone



Pacific Islands International (PII) is a trusted one-stop shop for building and construction needs in the Pacific Islands. Established in 1998 and part of the Finn Pacific Group, PII has offices in Australia and China, supplying materials and products to various industries while representing leading manufacturers from Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. With over 40 years of experience, PII provides comprehensive export solutions, ensuring competitive prices, quality control, and safe deliveries. The company is family-owned and committed to expanding its offerings while maintaining a customer-focused approach

Pacific Island International (PII) was a collaboration with our friends from Sketch Corp (Design Agency in Brisbane). PII wanted to create a video that not only captured their story but also their growth and future projection. Bleo spent 3 days in Townsville filming the office, team, and elements that help communicate the message of PII.

PII and Sketch Corp are ecstatic about the end result as they feel we "nailed" the message and quality of the brand.


Let’s collaborate to see how together, we can create a unique and memorable experience for your brand and customers.

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