From humble beginnings

Since 2011 we have been heavily present in the online advertising sector. We exploded into the social media space when Facebook went public and started its ads platform. We manage to scale our first client from a weekly budget of $300 to $10,000 (p/wk) in a 6 month time frame.

The advertising spend over 1 year equated to $500,000+ dollars. Its sounds like a lot however the company was a property development company they generated upwards of 150 sales with an average gross sales figure of $400,000. Our client generated upwards of 64 million dollars.

This experience wasn’t easy and took a huge amount of time crunching numbers and data to understand the Blueprint of this funnel we were creating.

Many perks came from this experience and the size of the account we were managing, we quickly received VIP access to Facebook account managers.At this early stage of our Facebook advertising career, we were and still are often white listed to beta test new products that Facebook are launching. This was an amazing thing to be a part of. As Facebook was growing, so were we.

Fast forward to today…

We have extended our range of services and teamed up with some of Australia’s best Branding designer/strategists, Google AdWords Technicians / website developers and more.

Bleo now consists of having a team of 14 made up of experts in their field. Account managers, content writers, website design & developers, campaign managers, graphic designers & videographers.

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