Multiplex – Brisbane Quarter


Videography, Drone, Photography



Multiplex is a leading global construction company known for delivering large and complex projects, particularly in the commercial, residential, and infrastructure sectors. Founded in 1962 in Australia, the company has since expanded its operations to various countries, including the UK, the Middle East, and Canada. Multiplex is renowned for its innovative approach, commitment to sustainability, and a strong track record of completing projects on time and within budget. Their portfolio includes iconic structures such as the Wembley Stadium in London and the One Blackfriars residential tower.

Upon Multiplex finishing the Brisbane Quarter (The W, The One & 300 George), they wanted a shoot to capture and showcase the final architectural masterpiece that is now a part of the Brisbane City Skyline.

The shoot ran over 3 days and included 2 videographers and 1 photographer. We did our best to portrait the feel of these videos as the styles of these premises are completely unique.


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