Live Streaming: The most Engaging Media in the world.

Event Live Streaming Concert

There is no doubt that the world has fallen in love with Video Live Streaming. Or perhaps we should say “fallen in love again”.  

Last year, Facebook live reported a phenomenal increase in the Live Stream Usage.  From February to March 2020, Facebook Live Reported a 50% increase in Usage levels and these have only continued to grow.   

Live Streaming is more than a great way to connect with grandma, with businesses now catching on that it is simply one of the best ways for brands to engage with their audience.

Michael Jackson Live in Concert

“Life should be experienced: Live”

Life in Real-Time

At the end of the day, there are no substitutions for being at an event in person, live. For example, when I was a kid, I once saw Michel Jackson, live in concert. You can watch the concert now online, but I was there –  as and when it happened.

Life should be experienced, live.

Why is Live Streaming is the most engaging media ever.

Almost everyone has within reach the most powerful multimedia platform ever known, your smartphone. People now consume more video on their phone than they do on their TVs. It’s where we get our news, connect with our friends, research brands, and purchase goods and services. 

The world of digital marketing has long since recognised that video is one of the most engaging forms of communications. In fact, we wrote about this in our article “Video Killed the Radio Star”, and it is because of this that Video creation is such an important part of any content marketing strategy. Live Video streaming on average receives 10x more engagement than pre-recorded video. Why? Because it provides an avenue for instant interaction in real-time.

The other week, I watched a live stream of a Castle in Scotland! Sure you can watch the video now, but at the time, you were able to ask questions on the history, speak to other views, and the host was able to respond. Fantastic.

Takeaway – Video is such a sensory-rich and pleasing way to consume content. Live steam takes this to the next level as it facilitates 2-way communication! Just like in real life, everyone wants the option to be heard! No other marketing strategy or method can offer this level of interaction, period.

Man live streaming an event


Another reason that live streaming is so rewarding as it can create a deeper connection between the viewers and the presenter. It also drives more viewers to engage with your content, in the hopes of reaching you. Audiences want the latest information and fast. There is nothing more relevant or current than a live event! Imagine you are launching a new product, conducting a Q&A or holding a free educational event. Live Streaming communicates that you are relevant, up to date business. Streaming a live event shows that your business is literally alive and kicking!

Authenticity and Trust

Live Streaming is a human endeavour.  By putting yourself out there, live, you are really communicating to your audience from a point of vulnerability and authenticity. Like most things done live, not everything goes exactly to plan, not every question and answer can be rehearsed, and this is great as it helps to build  trust – and ultimately, customer buy off people they like and trust. 

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