5 Amazing Statistics about Facebook Live Videos

There has been a lot of buzz around Live Streaming in recent years, and no more so than in 2020. The meteoric rise in both audience consumption and the production of Live Streaming events is astounding. Statistically, live video is the most interactive, engaging content there is today. Here we check out some of the latest trends and data shared by (Facebook Insights Series) that reveals just how huge Live streaming is, and will continue to become.

Facebook Live Key Data

  1. One in five Videos is now a live broadcast.
  2.  “Daily watch time for Facebook Live broadcasts grew four times over the course of a year”
  3. Facebook Live videos are on average consumed for three times longer than videos that are no longer live.
  4. Google searches for the term “Facebook Live Stream” increased by 330% in one year.
  5. Facebook Live videos receive as much as six times the user engagement than non-live videos.

The data doesn’t lie, and so it is clear that Live Streaming will only continue to grow popularity. If you have message that you want to get out their, now is the time to begin streaming it Live! 

Man live streaming an event

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