Designer Bums




Gold Coast

Designer Bums is an Australian-owned and operated company, renowned as a premium brand for cloth nappies and eco-parenting accessories. Founded in 2010 in Melbourne, the company began with hand-sewn cloth nappies and has since expanded to offer a wide range of environmentally friendly baby products. Designer Bums is committed to sustainability and reducing landfill, with a focus on creating stylish, high-quality products that are gentle on both babies and the planet. Their cloth nappies are known for their unique, hand-illustrated designs, commissioned from local and overseas artists, making eco-friendly parenting both enjoyable and fashionable.

Designer Bums came to Bleo looking for a series of high quality ads/social media videos. We helped create the concepts and delivered 4 videos to showcase their new range of products.

It was challenging to shoot with young kids, but the team had a ball. Designer Bums were blown away with our cinematic quality and our ability to capture the energy of the kids and brand!


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