Why are Instagram Influencers moving to Tiktok

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TikTok is increasingly becoming the leading social media app of choice with Instagram influencers and users moving to the platform. The rise seems unstoppable, and more and more businesses are taking the plunge. So what is it about this platform? Why are so many Insta users adopting Tiktok? 

Is Tiktok more authentic than Instagram?

In TikTok, an app that is known for shorter (7-30 second videos), users and regular creators are finding comfort in the ability to quickly upload in ‘real time’. From opinions, creations, ideas or product reviews or even “first impressions.” This means that users can record videos on the go, without excessive editing or multiple takes, and feel confident uploading it because the community responds positively to it.

TikTok truly rewards regular uploads, so a user might upload one at 7am, one at 2pm and one at 6pm all the same day. Is this spammy? No. Rather than spamming their followers with repeat posts, TikTok content is dispersed out to a number of followers as well as new viewers.

We’re seeing a trend across the board of social media users wanting to see more REAL posts, less edited, and less ‘Facetuned’ content. They also want to connect in real time with their influencers. These quick snapshots of a day give creators a new way to engage their communities, and to feel that they are being appreciated for who they are, rather than the perfect photo and caption frozen in time.

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The real take on Reels

Instagram is moving towards becoming a video platform with their ‘Reels’ function. There’s little wonder why – they need to compete with TikTok and they know video is getting high engagement. However, Instagram creators are finding it frustrating to make the shift to video on multiple platforms. In part this is because  many preferred the distinction between TikTok as their video app and Instagram for stills.

With Instagram heavily pushing ‘Reel’ content, many feel overwhelmed by now needing to re-upload TikToks as Reels to have enough video content to cover all bases. Furthermore, Instagram Reel functionality is not as easy as TikTok’s. TikTok has access to audios that Instagram often doesn’t authorise, and with much less flexibility to edit on the fly. Combined, it just makes sense that some creators are drawing their line in the sand and bringing their audiences over to TikTok for the “good stuff.”


Many of TikTok’s features are designed to encourage engagement and collaboration between users – no wonder it was such a popular app during the pandemic. Being able to stitch or duet a video from another user not only gives everyone more content to be inspired by, but it also offers a chance for new creators to be found through popular audios. This sharing of content means that everyone has a chance in the spotlight

TikTok appreciates creativity in its raw form, and gets it done fast.

So, what does this mean for your business? We’re not suggesting you delete your business Instagram account, but keep an eye on what your key audience is using and follow accordingly. If you have paid advertising with key influencers, watch what content they freely promote and what platform it sits on, and continue to grow your audiences on both platforms. Many businesses are still slow on their TikTok game, so consider User Generated Content (UGC) where you can pay smaller amounts for “regular users” to make TikTok’s using your product or service for an authentic connection.

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