What are YouTube Shorts?

If you have a business or message that you want to spread online, then video is without a doubt one of the best formats to do so. And with attention spans getting shorter and shorter, there isn’t a long time to capture the attention of your viewer. Not only that, but once you have someone interested, you really want to get your message across fastThis would in part help explain the rise and rise of TikTok, which specialises in videos 60 seconds a less. Not to be outdone, last year YouTube launched its own version, called YouTube Shorts (as in short videos, not what you might wear to the beach!). So what are YouTube Shorts? You could say this new app is a blend of Instagram Stories and TikToK, only better. 

The Ultimate Content Creation Tool: Your Smartphone

YouTube Shorts are designed exclusively to be made from within your smartphone and contain a whole host of features that make your video look sharp, trendy and well-edited, without the hassle of having to export the video to an editor, and then upload to YouTube. This takes a lot of time and hassle, (which ultimately stifles creativity and spontaneity).

But YouTube Shorts are more than just short videos:

Easy Audio Sampling

YouTube Shorts allow you to do a number of things without the media leaving your smartphone. For a start, the editing functions from within the App allow you to sample audio from other videos across the YouTube ecosystem. That’s billions of videos. No importing or exporting audio files or dealing with different audio levels. These remixes (say from other creators or even your other shorts) allow you to make remixes seamlessly. Not only that, but done this way you avoid a lot of copyright issues as YouTube allows creators to opt out of allowing others to sample. Further to this, YouTube has curated a vast amount of artists and tracks that you can use without worry about licensing violations to allow you to add music to your creations.

Avoid your videos being taken down and replaced by the dreaded "Copy Claim" image (as seen above) by using YouTube Shorts approved audio samples and music.

Insert photos and other video clips straight from your phone

Lets face it, some of the best photos and videos that we have are taken from smart devices because unlike our professional gear, we have it on us all the time. YouTube Shorts allows you to splice in photos straight from your photo album.

One Click Colour Corrections and filters

Sure, you can (and should) colour correct photos and videos in your phone’s media album before importing them into your new YouTube Short video. However, once they are in, the YouTube app allows you to add filters and colour correction across your new video. The result? Content that looks more pleasing to the eye and more consistent.

Increased Productivity

YouTube Shorts are quick, easy and allow creativity and productivity to explode. The app continues to evolve to create more functions and to make your creations more appealing and professional. We all know that if we have a product to sell or a message that we want to be noticed, we should create and share good quality content regularly. By utilising YouTube Shorts, you experience fewer technical issues and fewer time constraints. Ultimately, this means fewer excuses and fewer barriers between you and the world you want to reach.

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