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With the release of the movie AIR, discover how Air Jordan rose to become the greatest sports marketing campaign of all time...

A basketball shoe is not all that the Air Jordan is. Beyond athletics, it has become a fashion statement, a cultural icon, and a commercial sensation. When Michael Jordan, a rookie for the Chicago Bulls at the time, secured a contract with Nike to launch a line of basketball shoes bearing his name, it all began during the 1984–1985 NBA season. They had no idea that the Air Jordan would lead to the greatest sports marketing effort ever.

The Air Jordan shoes did not become popular right away. In fact, they nearly didn’t live to see another day. The initial jersey’s black with a red swoosh design did not adhere to NBA requirements for uniformity. After only three games, the NBA outlawed the sneakers, but that was enough for Nike to gain exposure.

The Air Jordan became an overnight sensation as the story of the ban spread like wildfire. Jordan continued to wear the shoes, and Nike paid every single penny of the fines. They ran a commercial that spotlighted Jordan, and the announcer said “banned”. The Air Jordan shoes were suddenly flying off the shelves.

The Air Jordan campaign’s timing, merchandise, and star all contributed to its success. Jordan was a rising star who had just won a gold medal at the 1984 Summer Olympics and had an outstanding season at the University of North Carolina. His marketability was at an all-time high. Nike became a fledgeling corporation hoping to build a name of themselves in the world of sport. Basketball lovers and sneakerheads alike were mesmerised by the unique and trendy Air Jordan shoes.


However, the Air Jordan promotion involved more than just footwear. It was all about identification, branding, and storytelling. The shoes became more than just a piece of gear because to the narrative that Nike and Jordan developed around them. They came to represent Jordan’s greatness, style, demeanour, and independence. They came to represent the culture of young people, hip-hop culture, and basketball culture. They became known as a basketball icon.

Every year, Nike and Jordan introduced new sneakers in the Air Jordan brand with fresh hues, elements, and improvements. They also created a line of apparel, accessories, and even a fragrance for the Air Jordan brand, extending it beyond just shoes.


Over 35 years after its debut, the Air Jordan continues to remain strong today and continues to be among the most popular and recognisable shoes in history. It continues to represent greatness, innovation, and cultural importance.

The best sports marketing campaign has always been this one.

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