The 5 Social Media Mistakes Your Company is Making Right Now

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It’s no secret that social media is king, and with every year that passes, your target client is increasingly exposed to social media marketing (good and bad) on a daily basis.

More than just posting regularly, the art of a successful social media strategy and execution is in the details – so we’ve put together our top five most common social media mistakes to avoid falling prey to (and keeping your audience engaged while you’re at it).

Hashtag Fail (Literally)

There are all kinds of tools to identify the most popular hashtags that relate to your business, but when you get specific (say #yourbusinessnamehere), do your due diligence.

Is anyone else using the same hashtag or business catchphrase you’ve honed in on? If so, consider editing yours so it stands out. If you stick to your guns, keep an eye on what the related content features – is it on brand? Make sure whatever sits next to your business is appropriate to be viewed by a new client who might be searching for you specifically.

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Right Content, Wrong Platform

It can be tempting to try and streamline one Facebook post to appear on all your platforms, but it always pays off to consider the context. Take the time to adjust your content for the media, for example – don’t send a length text post to Twitter where you’ll only see a sentence or two. It feels automated rather than personal!

Radio Silence

Whether you’ve got a big team and a Social Media Coordinator station, or you’re a lean and remote crew – schedule in time each day to engage with your customers on social media. Timeliness is key here – we all want that instant response (if possible), especially if a purchase is on the line, and don’t leave them hanging! In the same vein, avoid standard copy and paste responses (unless they really serve you) – your audience wants to feel there is someone behind the keyboard.

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Hard Sell = No Sale

We all want our social media strategy to generate sales and new client enquiries, but users are more savvy now than ever, and they can smell a pushy business a mile away. Strike a balance between informing and selling, and make yourself stand out from the sea of businesses who only speak to their customers when they want something in return.

Find Your Give & Take

A successful social media strategy will offer your clients something, think of it as your “freemium” content – something people want to watch, a series of blogs that they will return to (perhaps the top tips for your area of expertise – sound familiar?).

Make it your business to understand your audience, what motivates them and what they are searching for, and add value to their interactions with you before you even introduce the sale. 

Done well, a social media strategy will speak to your brand values, differentiate you in the market, and ultimately engage more effectively with your customers.  

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