Videography, Creative Direction, Social Media, Photography, Content Creation


Gold Coast, Brisbane

KRUNK is a social app founded in 2016 and based in NSW, Australia. It aims to combat loneliness by connecting like-minded individuals who are interested in leading an active and healthy lifestyle. The app allows users to find people based on location, activity, and interest, with over 100 activities and interests to choose from. KRUNK is designed to foster human connections and help users find others who share their passion for sports and fitness.

KRUNK being a new innovative social app came to Bleo wanting to help launch and set a standard for great content with quality visuals. Krunks inspiration was Nike (the run app) and apple. We knew from the get-go we had to hit the mark with our proposed 6 video series to help showcase an unveiling of the app.

KRUNK initially wanted 1 showcase video. We recommended we provide them with a series of videos as they needed to shoot multiple active scenes to build the one video. KRUNK were stoked as they had so much more collateral to launch.


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