What’s Your Perfect Platform? The Low-Down on Being Seen Online

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When it comes to being seen and heard, it pays to know exactly where you need to be visible. Your digital marketing efforts should be reaching your target audience, and this means finding out what platforms they prefer to engage with, and why.

If you’ve got a skincare range marketed at teens, you’ll get some serious traction with regular TikTok videos showcasing your product in use. With over 41% of users aged between 16 and 24, spending on average about 52 minutes within the app – that’s a lot of minutes they could be swiping across your content!

Tik Toq Skincare

But do you sell Makeup to teenage girls?

Achieving engagement on this kind of app takes more than just a few pans of your product – with all sorts of backing music and filters to play with, tap into the impulse-buy appeal of TikTok and get creative.  And if you want to get serious, the prices for TikTok influencer paid promotions are still significantly less regulated and less expensive than those on Instagram or Facebook (in other words, it’s a good time to get some clickable content with those people that your ideal client base is already listening to!).

Your Platform must align with your Audience

On the other hand, you might be a company supplying a repost-worthy tech gadget – with Instagram’s new shopping feature, you’ll want to take advantage of this. As a business, you can tap into some detailed data about who views your Instagram stories, posts and reels – and to differentiate yourself from other products out there, consider using the Live feature and creating a weekly customer Q&A session, or co-host with guest speakers that align with your brand.

Light Blue Headphones Gadget

Where is your Audience and What are the Searching for??

Digital marketing comes down to knowing what your client base is searching for, where they naturally spend their time online and how they prefer to be engaged. It’s not just a rumour – Facebook really is a place where our parents are dominating, and if you’re looking to connect with an audience that’s 50+, a mindful presence on Facebook is a must. 

What are your Digital Goals?

Make sure that whatever platform you select aligns with your goals for your digital marketing output there – are you looking to reach a new demographic of clients because your product or service is pivoting? Do you want to have a quick-response customer support message base where you can track any queries or complaints with ease, and engage potential new customers with your attention to detail? Knowing this means you’ll be able to properly track your success on these platforms along the way.

Play to your Strengths

For bigger brands, they have a touch point on all social media platforms – but do you need to do the same? Not necessarily. Play to your strengths, and if you’re working with a lean team, make sure that your social media presence counts and makes the most of the content that you produce (and allows you to shine!). 

Play to your strengths

Can you write? Are you funny? Do you design?

Is writing your thing? If it is, Facebook might be the place for you. Short, sharp memes? Instagram or Twitter. If you make incredible Youtube content, then you can slice that up for TikTok as well! Being a jack-of-all-trades isn’t always an advantage in this realm, and you’re better to have a handle on a select few platforms than attempt to create a lasting impact on all of them.

The World is Your Oyster.

In 2020, we’re lucky to have a wide selection of places that our current and future clients can find us, so take the time to understand what and where they watch, read and click, and you’ll always be on track for more eyes on your business.

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