5 Fitness Principles For A Successful Content Marketing Strategy


The first version of this blog was entitled “Kickstarting Your Content Marketing Strategy”. As I looked at the draft title, it made me think of those headlines that you see health clubs and gyms often advertising their new membership deal e.g.  “Kickstart your health and fitness journey today!”

However, it got me to thinking that there really are some fitting (pun intended) similarities and key principles that a successful content marketing strategy and an effective health and fitness plan have in common.  

You have to get started - and commit

Just like we know that we should do regular exercise, (almost) all businesses know that they should be creating regular, engaging content to deliver to their audience. But as anyone who has ever faltered when starting a new exercise program will know, sometimes we dither, and sometimes we find ourselves overwhelmed, which leads to procrastination, excuses and ultimately, no results! Like anything worth doing, it really is important to commit to creating ongoing content, as without this resolve, no strategy will work!

Start slowly.

Everyone is different, and whilst some may delay, others will want to leap in head first giving 100% – blogging, tweeting, creating videos or even starting a podcast. Whilst in theory this is great, this is the fast track to “digital burnout” and a litany of dead or derelict Facebook pages or other social media accounts. These can have a negative impact on your brand image. Instead, consider choosing a platform or two that you are familiar with, and start there.

Consistency is key

It doesn’t matter if you have the greatest personal trainers and coaches in the world – if you only train once a month, you will never see any results! The same is true for content marketing. It’s not what you do once that works, but what you do over and over again that works.   The best and most well-considered strategy must be given the opportunity and time to translate into results. 

The big picture: short and long-term goal setting.

Depending on whether you’re looking to gain muscle or lose weight, this choice will have a huge impact on the training program that you select, and the same is true for content marketing.

It’s important to keep the bigger picture in focus when committing to an online marketing strategy. What is it that you want to achieve? Be specific. Do you wish to use blogs to increase your websites ranking and SEO, find more leads or simply raise brand awareness?

Once you are clear of the end game, then you can break this down into smaller, short-term goals to get you there. Start with one blog a week, post it to your website and share across your socials – this is a great place to start and an achievable weekly goal.

Where the similarities end!

Just like working out, it can often feel impossible to fit all these commitments in while running a business. Unlike training at the gym, you don’t have to do it alone. Whilst you can’t outsource the treadmill, you can delegate large amounts of your content marketing activities to different team members, an external agency, or even a blend of both. Whatever you decide, start today!


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