Impactful Time Lapse Video Production Services

Impactful Time Lapse Video Production Services 

Specialising in Time Lapse Film & Time Lapse Video Production Australia & Worldwide!

Bleo Specialise in Cinematic Time Lapse for the same price as regular Time Lapse and are your go-to specialists for a high level of prompt customer service and expertise, servicing your needs on projects of all shapes and sizes, with more than 13 years of industry experience servicing Time Lapse, Photography, Aerial Footage and Videography.

We’ve been lucky to have the collective experience drawn from over 300+ projects in every state of Australia, and throughout the Asia Pacific region, many of which were Tier 1 clients.

Some of those highlights from a career in the industry include a successful tender up against 11 strong bids all over the world to secure a lucrative contract on the prestigious Crown Sydney Resort.


Why Time Lapse?

A time lapse video is a video that shows the many stages of a project in real time. “Expose the Unknown” is our motto, but also a fact: this approach is the only one that can show the progression of a lengthy job in a one-minute movie. We sometimes have to reduce a multi-month procedure into a few minutes.

Because of time lapse, site supervision has evolved into a public relations instrument.

Some may display their final film during the launch of a new construction development or publish it on social media. You might also show it to certain prospective clients. It also adds value by publicising all completed work, which can help the team and make the project easier to follow.

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Short and long term projects


Utilising the latest technology, with static time lapse cameras to monitor and track progress 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year!

Milestone Motion Magic


We use cutting edge motion time lapse and hyper lapse creations to produce breathtaking results that showcase your key project milestones in incredible and cinematic detail.

Sky High


Drone technology is evolving in leaps and bounds and we are at the forefront of using the best technology and pilots at our disposal. Not only for photo and video, but wait until you see our Aerial Time lapse!



Perfect for Stakeholder Engagement, Marketing and Promotional material and even attaching to reports and progress updates! The best quality photos will stand the test of time.



From Interviews of key staff to live video of your project in action, we can even arrange live streaming of the most epic of milestones. Did someone say Tunnel Breakthrough..?

Post Production


Fast, efficient and with unlimited drafts during post production, we are proven to create and deliver the most engaging content you'll see in the industry

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How does it work?

First Contact

We arrange a phone call and/or site visit to inspect the location of your project.

As no two projects are the same, these initial discussions are imperative to ensure we ascertain all the knowledge required prior to confirming installation location/s, which can be on existing infrastructure on location or provided by us in a number of different forms.

Safety and communication is our number one focus. Before any work begins you will have in your hands a detailed Safe Work Method Statement with all staff covered by all relevant certifications.

Our Systems

All Bleo System components are chosen with project specificity as a priority to work seamlessly in the field.

Fully Weatherproof to the elements, whether your project duration is 2 weeks or 2 years, each carefully selected component has been crafted to ensure optimal performance and longevity where required.

Our custom camera housing provides temperature reductions inside the enclosure with a number of key design elements, providing a decrease of 6-10 degrees compared to off the shelf enclosures.

This system is arguably the smartest, most efficient and technologically advanced time lapse control unit in existence, not many of our competitors will offer the combination of both 3 and 4G connectivity with image upload speeds up to 500 kilobytes per second.

Lastly, we are one of very few systems on the market that can offer COMPLETE remote control and access to the camera, which includes adjusting ALL settings internally such as shutter speeds, aperture settings, white balance etc, to meet and exceed all project requirements.

Post Installation

Upon project approval and subsequent installation, we provide you with a dedicated Account Manager as your key point of contact throughout your project.

You will then be provided access to your unique User Dashboard, a streamlined and intuitive user interface which facilitates one single vantage point to oversee every element relating to each project and installation. Here you can view up to the minute camera statistics covering literally every possible detail you can imagine.

The User Dashboard is designed for ease in real-time access to ultra high resolution images taken with the camera/s. You can also view every image taken at each installation historically and download each and every one of them by specifying user-defined date periods.

Images are stored on cloud servers which ensures that content is delivered in lightning fast time, thereby decreasing end-user latency and providing an overall fast and consistent user experience.

You can also custom brand access accordingly, giving an overall professional appearance and access to display to stakeholders.

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