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Sheppard is a renowned Australian indie pop band formed in Brisbane in 2009. Known for their catchy melodies and energetic performances, the band gained international fame with their hit single "Geronimo" in 2014. Sheppard's music is characterized by uplifting lyrics, harmonious vocals, and a blend of pop and rock elements. The group has released multiple albums and received several awards, solidifying their place in the global music scene. With a loyal fan base and a reputation for creating feel-good tunes, Sheppard continues to captivate audiences around the world.

Sheppard came to us to produce a music video for their newest song 'Symphony'. Sheppard entrusted us with this project from concept to completion. The idea of using animation to express love was something we all wanted to showcase after hearing the track and speaking with George, Emma and Amy.

Symphony was filmed over 3 days on the Gold Coast (studio) and Brisbane city. We have to travel light as it was in the middle of covid and we had a limit to the crew that could be present. The animation was the biggest challenge with it taking 1hr animated work time to complete 1 second of work. The total project from concept to completion took 4 weeks and has now been viewed over half a million times.


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