Multiplex – Jewel


Videography, Drone, Marketing, Photography


Gold Coast

Multiplex is a global construction company founded in 1962 in Australia, known for delivering large and complex projects in sectors like commercial, residential, and infrastructure. With operations in the UK, Middle East, and Canada, Multiplex is renowned for innovation, sustainability, and completing projects on time and within budget. Notable projects include London's Wembley Stadium and the One Blackfriars residential tower.

Multiplex contacted Bleo and asked us to create our most spectacular showcase property piece ever. The Jewel is a $800 million high-rise development that sits on the beautiful beaches of surfers Paradise (QLD, Australia) and Multiplex wanted us to personify all of its elegance, beauty and magnificence in one showcase video. The video was filmed over 7 days. We had a team of 4 onsite for the full 7 days that filmed everything waking hour into night. We had 2 units styled to the level of opulence they deserved to showcase the rooms in all of their beauty.


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