Hyber Nation





Hyber Nation is a forward-thinking company that specializes in providing sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for modern living. With a focus on innovation and environmental responsibility, they offer a range of products and services designed to reduce carbon footprints and promote a healthier lifestyle. Their offerings may include energy-efficient home appliances, renewable energy solutions, and green technology products. Hyber Nation is dedicated to creating a positive impact on the planet while empowering consumers to make more conscious choices in their daily lives.

We were contacted by Hyber Nation mid COVID. The client was launching a new range of weighted blankets and wanted to create 2 videos to showcase the products and it benefits. We sourced the Coastal Barn Dream location for the shoot as we needed a series of styled settings for each video.

The deliverables consisted of a product demo video and an unboxing video. We also handed over social media stills from the shoot to support the social media content campaign. Hyber Nation was extremely grateful with the end result on how easily it all came together and gave her a better result than expected.


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