Videography, Creative Direction, Content Creation


Gold Coast

Blacklashink is an Australian lash brand that has quickly become known for its high-quality services and commitment to customer satisfaction. They offer a wide range of lash services, catering to various preferences and styles. With a focus on professionalism and creating a welcoming atmosphere, Blacklashink has established itself as a go-to destination for lash enthusiasts seeking reliable and exceptional experiences.

Blacklashink aimed to create a series of videos that would showcase their main product—eyelash extensions. Understanding that their current social media theme was black and white, we felt it was crucial to maintain this aesthetic. We proposed a concept where a handful of models would have their lashes done in black, dress in white, and be filmed in a white studio, ensuring a cohesive and striking visual theme that resonated with their brand identity.

The video shoot for Blacklashink was dynamically orchestrated around a vibrant, creative atmosphere. We gathered the models in a white studio, set against a backdrop of lively tunes, fostering an energetic and productive environment. This approach not only made the shoot enjoyable but also highly productive, resulting in the creation of over 18 videos. Our deliverables included a captivating teaser, individual videos for each model, and a compelling group video. Blacklashink was thrilled with the results, leading to a strengthened partnership where we now produce several projects annually for them, continually capturing the essence of their brand and products.


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